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"The way we dress affects the way we THINK, the way we FEEL, the way we ACT, & the way others REACT to US" - Judith Rasband
We take pride in announcing that our premium laundry services are opening shortly in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

All you have to do to dress immaculately is to outsource your linen to us. Invest that time on your family, get a workout or even take a new course and step up the career ladder. Leave it to us to sort out your linen one LOAD at a time and just relax.

We use eco friendly chemicals and packaging, our machines are imported from Italy and are designed to use 30% less water per load. Our laundry offers all that your precious garments deserve and A BIT MORE :)

How We Work

We wash all your garments at temperatures apt for the garments with mild eco friendly imported chemicals to sanitise your garments before they are neatly ironed and packed according to your choice.